Case Study: Tailor Made Solution for Data Center in the Maldives

Case Study: Data Center Generator in Maldives: A special project in terms of space and noise


Over the years, Ascot has always stood out for its high levels of ability to customize the requests and needs of each type of customer. The tailor-made product, therefore, has always been the added value of every energy project. For this reason today we want to present one of our latest projects;: a data center generator located on the roof of a 25m high building in Maldives.


Through the Advanced Tailor-Made (Product Invention) process, we create 100% tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer.

In this particular case, the challenge was to design an energy solution able of satisfying the Customer's requirements in terms of:


● space - the installation of the Data Center generator on a small space such as a residential roof

● noise - the installation of the ultra-silent Data Center generator



The customer's request: the data center generator installed in a limited space


Based on the required specifications by the customer, to customize a solution that could provide the requested and necessary power, the generator would normally have to be installed inside a 40' container (12 meters long).


The available roof area was more limited.

Furthermore, the project provides for future expansion with more parallel generators (2 in total). Therefore, the space needed for the installation was much higher than was actually available.


A customized special project had to be developed, to respond to this request.


We chose a secure standby power solution with modular units from 1250kVA up to 3200kVA - 50/60Hz, capable of being connected in parallel.


We developed the project with about 7 meters in length, almost half of those normally used.


The installed 1250 kVA Ascot generator is ideal for a city data center. It achieved uptime of over 99.9% and a 65 dba @1m noise emission level.



The ultra-silent data center generator installed on a rooftop in the Maldives


When it comes to Data Centers in city, noise is one of the most important considerations.

In the case of an installation on a roof, it is necessary to reduce vibrations. For this reason we have chosen a solution with a very low acoustic impact, reaching the fundamental requirement needed by the customer, that is of the maximum noise achievable at 65db at one meter.

The project also envisaged the installation on an anti-vibration base to reduce the vibrations transmission to the building structure.

These characteristics and expedients have made the product perfect for all those residential areas where noise must be reduced to a minimum.



The Tailor Made generator to satisfy all specific customer requests


When it comes to special projects, our R&D department comes into play.

A specialized internal department that designs customized solutions to meet and satisfy every single energy need.

Our special high-performance tailor-made solutions are aimed at customers who require exclusive products.

In the case of a Data Center generator to be installed on the roof of a four-story building, our advanced tailor-made process (Product Invention) has:

● Analyzed the request

● Understood the Customer's needs

● Rated space and noise requirements

● Developed a new tailored energy solution

We show you the final result of our work through an overview from above with a drone.





Contact us for all the necessary information, we transform your energy needs into tailor-made solutions.