The advantages of the clean energy storage system, the Eco Power Box Ascot

The advantages of the clean energy storage system, the Eco Power Box Ascot: continuity, safety and fuel saving


The Eco-Power Box Ascot (EPB) is a clean energy storage system.


In particular, it stores the energy generated by the sun or the grid in the batteries so that it can be used when needed.


It is an innovative system designed by Ascot to guarantee:

  • stability and continuity of service for different areas of application

  • fuel savings resulting in clean energy storage


In other words, the EPB is developed to power the AC or DC load when the primary source is not available (mains or genset).

It therefore drastically reduces network outages that cause energy instability and damage to equipment, but above all it also works to reduce the operating hours of the existing generator set to zero.

And it becomes a perfect replacement for a generator while configured in a standby application with a reliable network.


For this reason the EPB is the ideal energy solution for rural villages, small companies, private individuals, hospitals, refugee camps, offices, banks located in remote areas, railways.


Now let's see in detail the main advantages.



Eco Power Box Ascot: power stability and continuity


The Eco Power Box Ascot can be combined with a direct or alternating current generator (in 90% of cases) or with photovoltaic panels.


It has built-in deep cycle batteries, associated with a special controller that manages the sources.

These guarantee the autonomy and stability of the load during 24-hour operation.


There are also inputs for solar charger controllers to recharge the batteries from a photovoltaic system, if present.


The Eco-Power Box Ascot therefore represents the perfect ally for:


  • OFF-GRID areas: drastically reduces the operating hours of an existing generator set, especially if associated with solar panels.
  • BAD-GRID areas: reduces to zero (without solar panels) the operating hours of an existing primary power generator set. Transform your existing generator set from primary to standby application.
  • ON-GRID areas: replaces a standby generator set and guarantees its power continuity for 24h. Store the energy produced by the photovoltaic system to use it when needed, reducing fixed energy costs.



The Ascot Eco-Power Box: savings and clean energy


As anticipated, the Ascot Eco-Power Box provides daily savings in terms of power stability and continuity.


For this reason, it allows for automatic recovery of the investment in a short time and increases site operations by 99.9%, reducing operating costs.


Furthermore, being a clean and ecological product with ZERO emissions, it can benefit from a Green Certificate.


In terms of sustainability, HPB is already in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030-2050 nominated by the EU.


In conclusion, the characteristics and advantages of the Eco Power Box Ascot can be summarized as follows:

  • Availability of power supply 24/24 h regardless of network interruptions
  • Reduces the operating hours of a generator set used as a backup/primary source
  • Ensures cleanliness and continuity of energy power
  • It reduces energy costs and energy supply
  • Promotes zero-emission environmental sustainability
  • It paves the way for intelligent control systems
  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 100%.
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Lower your cost per kWh during peak hours
  • Plug & Play with solar systems


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