Ascot returns to Frankfurt for energy fair Enlit Europe 2022

Ascot returns to Frankfurt for energy fair Enlit Europe 2022


Ascot will again be present at Enlit Europe 2022, one of Europe's most important events for the energy sector, on Stand: Hall 12 - Booth 10-01.


Specifically, Enlit Europe will take place in Frankfurt from 29 November to 1 December 2022 at the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt.


Exhibition and networking areas, Hub Sessions, summits and conferences will gather more than 15,000 international professionals, 700 leading exhibitors and 500 speakers with key positions within the energy industry.


Enlit Europe has merged the European Utility Week and Powergen Europe events into an innovative format on the European energy transition that will present a range of content related to various aspects of the energy agenda, including:


  • Europe's energy transition
  • Renewable energies 
  • Innovative energy projects
  • New technological solutions
  • Decarbonisation
  • Digitisation
  • Energy security
  • Smart Grid


The purpose of the Event is to share knowledge, highlight current opportunities and discuss priority strategies for the future in global energy transformation. It also aims to open the door to new business possibilities.


The themes of Enlit Europe 2022, the energy fair

While in the past companies operating in the sector based their competitive strategies on price leverage, today this path is no longer viable. 


From costs, the focus has drastically shifted to the following issues:


  • Decentralization
  • Decarbonisation
  • Digitalisation 
  • Democratization


The focus will mainly be on new cutting-edge technologies and solutions related to energy production, distribution and access and aimed at accelerating the smart energy transition. 


1. Decentralization at Enlit Europe 2022

The central theme of Enlit Europe is the decentralization of the energy production, management and transmission system. 


Currently, the most widespread system worldwide involves large power plants. These generate energy that is then transmitted via high-voltage transmission lines and distributed to end users via long electricity grids. 


There is, however, a need for a more efficient and sustainable system, which passes through decentralization


The future, in fact, is moving towards micro-grids, smaller energy production plants closer to consumers. This will bring considerable advantages:


  • Reduction of technical losses in distribution lines
  • Flexibility and diversity of options from which to draw energy
  • Access to energy even in rural communities or remote areas
  • Possibility of using smart grids
  • Lower installation, control and management costs
  • Increased efficiency and energy savings
  • Increased use of renewable energy


2. Decarbonisation at Enlit Europe 2022

Another crucial topic that will be addressed at Enlit Europe is decarbonisation.


In fact, the energy transition envisages a more sustainable energy production that aims at a gradual elimination of fossil fuels to combat climate change and improve energy efficiency. 


The switch to renewable sources such as wind, photovoltaics or biomass will lead to the achievement ofCarbon neutrality in the energy sector. 


This will result in a 55% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030 and zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as stipulated in the Green Deal agreements. 


This will ensure economic, employment and energy independence benefits. 


3. Digitalisation at Enlit Europe 2022

The technological transformation and the recent energy crisis have accelerated the digitalisation process in the energy sector. 

The introduction of technologies capable of collecting and analyzing data are now indispensable to maximize energy efficiency actions and optimize energy savings. 


Not only that: the digitalisation of energy will make it possible to make better use of the energy mix to make more use of renewable sources, reduce emissions and improve productivity, safety and monitoring. 

It will also make energy use increasingly accessible to even the most remote areas of the planet.


4. The democratization of energy at Enlit Europe 2022

The future goal is very clear: to abandon the system of energy sovereignty dominated by large utilities and build a 100% democratic system. 


This will ensure fairer and more universal access to energy, even in those parts of the world that currently live without electricity. Democratization is therefore a crucial point towards inclusive and sustainable development.

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