CEOforLIFE Awards 2023: Ascot wins the award.

CEOforLIFE Awards 2023: Ascot awarded for "Intelligent Energy Project"


On Wednesday, October 25, 2023, in Rome, the fourth day of the CEOforLIFE Awards 2023 took place, themed "The World to Come." After focusing on topics related to the environment, social impact, and health & wellbeing, the final event centered on the theme of "Innovation."


The event brought together and celebrated the top 32 CEOs in Italy who are engaged in digital and sustainable projects that aim to address global challenges for a better future and a more inclusive society. These projects represent excellence in the adoption of innovative solutions.


On this significant day, Michele Greca, the Global Group Director of Ascot International Srl, was honored for the "Fuel Free Energy Program," a sustainable and intelligent energy project by the company.


This program, launched in 2019, involves transitioning from motor-powered generators to renewable energy sources, resulting in fuel savings of up to 100% and zero CO2 emissions.


What are the prestigious CEOforLIFE Awards


CEOforLIFE Awards is a platform founded by Giordano Fatali that brings together CEOs and stakeholders with the goal of promoting concrete and significant initiatives for a better future in all areas.


The CEOforLIFE Awards are prestigious recognitions presented annually to Italian CEOs who have established new standards of excellence for a fairer, more sustainable future in line with the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.


These awards are given to the leaders of major companies and multinationals operating in key sectors for the future, including sustainability, inclusive economics, and social responsibility.


The 4 days of the CEOforLIFE Awards 2023 edition


The event, now in its third edition, takes place in Rome and is divided into four different days, each dedicated to the themes that are addressed and honored:


  • Environment: Projects that combine sustainability and environmental care to protect our natural resources.
  • Health & Wellbeing: Initiatives aimed at safeguarding and improving health and well-being (Objective 3 of the United Nations' 17 SDGs).
  • Social Impact: The best industry practices for social sustainability and corporate policies promoting equality, well-being, and the role of sports in fostering well-being.
  • Innovation: Programs that support and enhance innovation and digitization for sustainable development.


It represents a crucial moment for Italian companies to come together, connect, and share their commitment to put their skills, resources, and visions in service of the community, especially the younger generations, for a sustainable and lasting change.


During the four days of the CEOforLIFE Awards, ample space was given to the awarded CEOs to present and showcase their successful initiatives. Participants also had the opportunity to listen to influential figures and engage in roundtable discussions and dialogues.


The innovative Ascot project "Fuel Free Energy Program" 


Michele Greca, Global Group Director at Ascot Srl, was one of the highlights of the fourth and final day, dedicated to the theme of "Innovation." He received recognition for Ascot's "Fuel Free Energy Program."


The program, launched by Ascot in 2019, involves the use of generators that do not require fossil fuels or traditional fuels to generate energy but rely on renewable energy sources.


This program aims to reduce environmental impact and contribute effectively and concretely to long-term sustainability.


"We started with greenhouse gas emissions," explained Michele Greca, "which, according to scientists, contribute to a 2% increase in temperatures. In 2007, to reduce this impact in over 35,000 telecommunications sites worldwide powered by our generators running 24/7, we created the first hybrid product, a mix of engines, batteries, and solar energy. This reduced emissions by 80%."


This achievement marked a genuine energy revolution in the field of telecommunications, years ahead of any other company and, most importantly, ahead of the goals set for 2030.


However, Ascot did not stop there, developing the first hybrid control logic for renewables in 2010 and installing hybrid generators worldwide.


"Following this path and to meet our clients' demands for increasingly sustainable products," Michele Greca continued, "in 2019, we created the 'Fuel Free Energy Program,' which involves transitioning from motor-powered generators to solutions capable of exclusively using renewable energy."


Despite a challenging start due to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on global activities, Ascot revitalized its smart and sustainable energy program with the goal of effectively spreading it to emerging countries.


"We want to keep energy secure and reliable, make it 100% renewable, and create the extra energy needed, always with renewables," Michele Greca concluded. "We also want to reach out to emerging countries and assist them with new Italian and sustainable technologies to help them improve, promoting fair development."


Years of hard work have allowed Ascot, at the CEOforLIFE Awards 2023, to receive well-deserved recognition for this smart and sustainable energy program.


We thank CEOforLIFE for the recognition they have bestowed upon us, demonstrating that Ascot's strategic direction is a concrete commitment that we take very seriously and pursue with our eyes firmly set on a sustainable, accessible, and balanced future.


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