IoT Tech Expo Global London 2022

Ascot is present at the IoT Tech Expo Global London 2022


Ascot will take part in the IoT Tech Expo Global 2022 which will be held at Olympia London on 1-2 December 2022.


Ascot will participate in this important appointment together with IoT Catalyst, a company specialized in Industrial’s IoT, at Stand n.98, after the agreement stipulated to export Digital Energy all over the world.


It is the world's largest and most important leading trade fair bringing together key industries from around the world. Two days of high-value content including conferences, exhibitions and events on various topics related to cutting-edge IoT technology, including:


• Digital transformation;

• 5G and future connectivity;

• Cyber ​​Security;

• Automation;

• Connectivity solutions;

• Intelligent Energy and Corporate Sustainability;

• Digital Transformation.


5,000 attendees expected with 6 co-located events, more than 125 exhibitors and over 100 speakers. This is the fair of global interest which will present a preview of the technology’s future and the Internet of Things’ innovations in different sectors.

 An opportunity to discuss the future of Intelligent Energy!


Ascot and the Internet Of Things in the energy sector


The partecipation of Ascot in "IoT Tech Expo Global 2022" strengthens the Company's path towards Digital Energy.


Starting point, the important partnership with IoT Catalyst, recently signed.


In particular, Ascot aims to develop a PaaS platform (Platform as a Service) that will be implemented in all Ascot installations (over 34,000) worldwide.


This will transform all Ascot’s generators into Technology Hubs that will enable IoT and Smart City services and will be able to perform Edge Computing operations specifically designed for large infrastructures, such as:


• Data collection and analysis

• Monitoring of climatic conditions and performance

• Cyber ​​security

• Full remote control


This technology will permit to export digital energy to over 60 countries and provide real-time monitoring and control in all Ascot products installed in over 60 countries. Furthermore, it will permit  to transform off-grid areas into smart environments reachable by innovative services.


The use of digital technologies applied to the energy’ industries in these remote sites will ensure a reduction in fuel and emission consumption, and optimized performances.


IoT Catalyst is at the heart of the digital journey undertaken by Ascot, as it provides hardware and software features for remote monitoring and control of generators installed anywhere in the world.


Ascot is aware that IoT Technology is destined to become the main means of energy efficiency and sustainability in the coming years. For this reason it has actively worked for its implementation applied to energy systems for:


• Optimization of energy efficiency;

• Integrate renewable energies and generate reliable hybrid energy;

• Reduce downtime to zero;

• Increase security;

• Have secure management of all data;

• Improvement through Edge Computing;

• Reduce emissions;

• Analyze and optimize consumption and costs.


The goal is to accelerate the universal energy transition towards a more sustainable future with smart grids able to take advantage of production and gaining reliability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.


For more information and specifications, contact the Team Ascot!