Parallel Systems: Characteristics and Requirements

Parallel genset systems: characteristics and requirements


To ensure maximum generator efficiency in situations where a large amount of energy is required or when continuity of power supply is critical, Ascot offers parallel generator set systems. 


These are systems consisting of several generators working together to deliver power intelligently and efficiently. 


With genset parallel systems, generators are able to provide combined power and work at full efficiency and not at low load, ensuring a continuous power supply.


Why parallel systems are used and what are their advantages


Parallel genset systems consist of the synchronization of two or more generators working at the same frequency and voltage to supply energy.


Each generator, once started, is brought up to rated speed. 


Subsequently, all generators are connected to each other in parallel via electrical cables and a centralized control system that automatically adjusts the load distribution between them.


This type of configuration offers several advantages:


  • Load-based dimensioning 
  • Intelligent load management 
  • Maintenance and efficiency considerations


Load-based dimensioning - h3


In parallel genset systems, the amount of energy is sized according to low and high loads.


Let us give an example to explain this concept better. 

If an application needs loads with peaks of 1MW, not just one 1000kW system is installed, but, for example, three 350kW systems. 

In this way, if the low loads are 200kW, only one generator starts. Conversely, if the loads are higher, two start. When energy peaks occur, all 3 generators start.


This makes it possible to:


  • have maximum system efficiency
  • ensure a constant and secure power supply
  • optimize the use of generators 
  • lower consumption and operating costs


To determine the appropriate dimensioning, the total power required by the system and also the peak power must be evaluated.


Intelligent load management


The operation of parallel genset systems is based on a centralized control that regulates the distribution of load between generators. 


The system constantly monitors energy demand and automatically distributes the load between generators as needed, maintaining load balance.


This avoids energy waste and maximizes the overall efficiency of the system.


Maintenance and efficiency considerations


Compared to other energy solutions, parallel systems offer greater reliability


Should one of the generators fail or have technical problems, the other generators can continue to run without interruption, thus ensuring a continuous and stable power supply.


Furthermore, should energy needs change over time, generators can be added or removed without having to shut down the entire system, allowing for more efficient management of resources and greater scalability. 


Another advantage concerns the maintenance of the system in parallel.


It allows the necessary maintenance to be carried out without completely interrupting the energy supply: each generator undergoes all the necessary checks while the others continue to supply energy, thus avoiding power outages.


The requirements for connecting parallel systems


Connecting genset systems in parallel requires compliance with certain fundamental technical requirements to ensure proper synchronization and operation of the generators.


  1. Speed control: to avoid instability problems in the power grid, all generators must have the same final speed in the system
  2. Load balancing: to ensure efficiency and power, it is important to precisely consider the distribution of loads between generators, to balance them evenly and avoid overloading and underloading
  3. Synchronization: to create an integrated system, generators must be connected in parallel with each other and have the same output voltage and frequency


Ascot solutions for parallel genset systems


Ascot installs genset parallel systems that guarantee energy continuity in every situation. 


Thanks to these systems, generators are started, synchronized and available to power the grid in a matter of seconds, ensuring maximum efficiency, increased safety and total reliability.


Our genset parallel systems are a safe solution for applications such as hospitals, data centers, industrial plants and large events, where reliable power supply is essential.


For more information and specifications on Ascot generator set parallel systems, please contact our team.