Energy Solutions under High Salinity Conditions

Case Study: Ascot's special solution for luxury villas in high sea salinity conditions


Advanced and specialized energy solutions are one of Ascot's strong points. 


For all customers who require exclusive premium products or have specific energy needs, we design and develop 100% Tailor-Made and high-performance power generation systems.


We always start with the customer's request and an analysis of the situation and context. 

Then, through the Advanced Tailor-Made process (Product Invention), we create new tailor-made energy solutions that fully meet the initial requirements.


A customisation capability that we put at the service of one of our Service Partners in the Caribbean, with the aim of optimizing and improving the power system for existing luxury villas.



The starting situation: specific problems related to marine salinity and their impact on existing generators


The study of a previously installed power system for luxury villas began with an on-site inspection and immediately realized the biggest problem of the entire system.


Due to the marine salinity of the Caribbean Sea, with average salinity values of 3.6% that increased during the winter period, the present generators were rusting and deteriorating rapidly. 


We are talking about a life cycle of about 12 to 18 months, after which the Generators would start to experience system malfunctions, compromising their proper functioning and reliability. 


Thus, corrosion and rust caused by salinity reduced the efficiency and lifespan of the Generators powering the luxury villas present, with frequent interruptions in power supply and repercussions for the community. 


To solve this problem effectively and permanently, Ascot developed a special customized project that also took into account the specific technical requirements of the villas.


Specific technical requirements of villas in the Caribbean


Luxury villas are characterized by specific technical requirements that distinguish them from traditional dwellings. They therefore require innovative solutions to guarantee 


  • comfort
  • energy efficiency
  • reduction of emissions 


One of the main challenges in addressing the energy needs of luxury villas is the need to provide an adequate power supply, taking into account the size and layout of the available spaces.


In addition, luxury villas often include swimming pools, spas and other recreational facilities that requiresignificant energy consumption


If these villas are also located in extreme saline environments, it is also crucial to consider corrosion and rust that are inevitable over time and risk compromising the entire energy system present. 


Finally, since these are luxury residences, the noise of the generators must also be taken into account and one of the characteristics that the energy system must have is the quietest possible operation, especially during the night.  


For all these reasons, it is essential to design an energy system that can effectively handle these additional demands, without compromising overall efficiency.


Ascot's Innovative Solution: salinity-resistant generators and cogeneration systems for luxury villas


Ascot's solution for powering luxury villas in the Caribbean was to develop:


  • Generators manufactured using full Stainless Steel. This is a premium product that is reliable and resistant to saline marine conditions, custom-designed to ensure continuous power supply to the primary location.


  • Cogeneration system: heat from the engine is taken and used to heat the water in the villas' swimming pools via plate heat exchangers. 


  • A power supply system that guarantees compliance with the required soundproofing requirements, reducing engine noise to a minimum.


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Reliable, salinity-resistant systems using stainless steel


The salinity of water can cause significant damage to metal structures and objects, leading to corrosion and rust. 


Salt water contains chloride ions that react with metal, creating a series of chemical reactions that lead to the formation of metal oxides and hydroxides, known as rust. The latter weakens metal structures, making them less stable and secure, and significantly reducing durability and functionality.


For this reason, when our energy systems are to be installed in marine environments, we use stainless steel for the manufacture of :


  • all metal components (bolts, washers, internal metal plates, etc.).
  • heavy duty base frame
  • control panel and ATS cabinet
  • soundproof and waterproof cover
  • fuel tank


This is a corrosion-resistant material, which guarantees the durability of generators exposed to the marine environment and for continuous power supply to the system.


Cogeneration system for efficient utilization of engine heat to heat swimming pool water


To efficiently heat the water in the swimming pools in the villas, we have developed an innovative cogeneration system.


Using two titanium plate exchangers and stainless-steel skids, the heat produced by the engine is captured and transferred directly to the pool water. 

In this way, the water can be heated with considerable advantages: 


  • minimisation of heat losses
  • reduction of energy costs
  • zeroing of energy waste 
  • optimisation of the use of available resources


In addition, the Ascot cogeneration system contributes to reducing emissions: by using the heat from the engine, thus the use of other, more polluting energy sources is avoided.


Response to soundproofing requirements, with maximum reduction of engine noise


One of the imperatives that a power system for luxury villas must respect is extreme silence, to ensure maximum comfort and well-being for those living in the structure and all those in the vicinity. 


Ascot's Innovative Energy Solution for Luxury Villas is designed to minimize engine noise and ensure the system is as quiet as possible, during day and night.


Thanks to the ultra-quiet soundproof canopy and the special anti-vibration support between the base and the floor, we reduce vibrations to 0 and ensure compliance with mandatory soundproofing requirements.


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