The first-ever hybrid power unit for Telecom Sites

A short list through Ascot's main energy innovations for the telecommunications sector


A short list through Ascot's main energy innovations for the telecommunications sector

On June 27, 2007 Ascot made the second* telecom energy revolution designing the first-ever hybrid in the world of telecommunications: the second* SWAP - “from advanced tailor-made generators to hybrid power solutions”. In fact, in that year Ascot, as specialist energy supplier, was challenged by Zain to invent “a diesel generating set capable to give power even when the engine was switched off.”
Taking advantage of the global and multi-sectoral experience, on November 7, 2007 the first prototype of a hybrid unit was deployed in Sudan replacing existing gensets running 24/7 with the first Ascot Hybrids.

In 2011, the world of telecoms started to talk about hybrids and Ascot already had five years of proven experience ahead of any other company. From 2011 to 2014, Ascot continued to deploy hybrid solutions to the market becoming the pioneer of hybrid solutions, and adding new special features like the Remote Management Systems and the Hybrid Control-logic to use renewables energies. For the last two years, Ascot hybrids have been successfully installed successfully in North America and ready to change and positively influence a new big market such as the United States and Canada with innovative solutions for off-grid telecom towers, always one step ahead.

In March 2003, Ascot made the first revolution in the telecom industry by starting to offer an all-in-one box capable of functioning for up to 41 days without stopping independently for fuel, oil and service intervals. With this SWAP, the telecom operators made a substantial reduction in CAPEX & OPEX.


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