Rural and Off-Grid Areas

Belong to this sector special power solutions designed and realized to supply energy to Off-grid communities, to utilize renewable energy sources and to reach Remote Areas thanks to unconventional transportation generators (SKD Semi Knocked Down) that allow Ascot special Rural Areas equipment to work in harsh climate conditions thanks to a complete package developed for extreme working environments (e.g. Special radiators, Insulated container, Anti-sand filters, Anti-theft devices, Big size fuel tanks to increase Autonomy, Air conditioning systems, etc.).

Off-Grid Houses & Villas, Banks’ & Hospitals’ Security, Small Farms & Businesses, Remote Offices, Refugee Camps, Island Resort, Bad-Grid - Off-Grid Areas

Fuel Savings Up to 100%; Semi Knocked Down (SKD) Design; Plug & Play for Solar/Wind/Grid Inputs; Equipment for Harsh Climate Conditions; Eco-Friendly with Co2 And Noise Reduction; 12 Months Fuel Independency (3000 Lt Tank); Anti-Theft Systems; Remote Control.