Rural and Off-Grid Areas

Ascot Premium power solutions designed to guarantee continuous power to Off-Grid primary locations such as desert camps, in extreme harsh conditions and desert storms.

Desert Camp generatos includes: Special radiators, Insulated container, Anti-sand filters, Anti-theft devices, Big size fuel tanks to increase Autonomy, Air conditioning systems, etc.

Ultra-Silent; Super Silent – DESERT CAMP AC GENERATORS
Range 20-200 KVA | 50/60 HZ

• Ultra-Silent Soundproof Canopy - 50 Dba At 7 M.;  
• Special Anti-Vibration Mount Between Base and Pavement to reduce Vibration to 0;  
• Dual Generators with Synchronizing System one in Stand by to the other;  
• Integrated Fuel Tank for Longer Autonomy ( 1-3 Months);  
• Fm200 – Hfc 227Ea Automatic Fire Fighting System;  
• Automatic Louvers Operating During Desert Storms;  
• Special Self-Cleaning Sand Filters.  
• Special fuel piping to resist to corrosion and prevent leakages.  

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