Mining Project in New Mexico

Case Study: mining project in New Mexico. Ascot supporting the reclamation of a former mine


Ascot actively contributed to the reclamation and redevelopment of a former mine in New Mexico. This is the Chevron Questa Mine of molybdenum, located within the Taos County Nature Reserve and permanently closed in 2014.


The intervention was necessary due to the contamination of soil, sediment and surface and groundwater.


By ending up in the river, these waters containing very high levels of acidity posed a serious threat to human health and the environment


To support the reclamation work, we brought one of our hybrid systems consisting of:


  • 75 kW AC Generator 

  • Eco Power Box 


The system helped to feed a submersible pump in order to pump water from the reservoir to the treatment plant.


Our intervention made it possible to minimise the running time of the generator, which was already present at the site, from 8760 hours per year of operation, to 1450.

This increased uptime and generated concrete fuel savings of 86%.


Watch the Video:


75 kW AC generator installed at mining project in New Mexico


The 75 kW AC Generator installed in the mining project in New Mexico provides:  


  • Load power supply
  • Recharging batteries


For this specific project, the generator was combined with a 45 kVA Eco Power Box to become an efficient Hybrid Power System.


The Ascot Hybrid logic shuts down the generator when the batteries are fully charged, while the load is powered through the batteries.


It is a complete and flexible solution that enables fuel savings of up to 100% (when combined with renewable resources).


The Ascot Hybrid Power System is also equipped with on-board IoT for:


  • Reduce site downtime to zero
  • Have highly efficient battery management
  • Increase security, surveillance and site control
  • Ensure secure data management
  • Rely on environmental sensors and energy optimisation
  • Be able to effectively perform predictive maintenance
  • Have efficient integration of renewable energy


The Eco Power Box (EPB) installed in the mining project in New Mexico


The Ascot Eco-Power Box is an innovative system that guarantees stability and continuity of power supply.


It is designed to reduce the operating hours of the existing genset (as in the project at hand). 

In contrast, it is a perfect substitute for a generator while configured in a stand-by application with a reliable network.


The Ascot Eco-Power Box provides considerable advantages: 


  • Daily savings in terms of stability and 24-hour power continuity
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Up to 100% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Environmental sustainability


In addition, being a clean and environmentally friendly product with ZERO emissions, it allows it to comply with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), to which Ascot has been committed for years to ensure emission reductions by 2030, and zero emissions by 2050.


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