Technical videos on energy solutions and generators

Technical videos on energy solutions and generators produced by Ascot


Ascot's online presence, through its website and social media pages, is crucial for us. It not only serves as a direct bridge between the company and customers but also acts as an effective tool to provide information, showcase products, share the latest updates, and welcome you into the world of Ascot through the main entrance.


Among the social media platforms used by our company for communication, the YouTube channel is undoubtedly at the top of the list. It delivers high-quality content and value intended for customers, partners, and collaborators worldwide. The playlist dedicated to technical videos on energy solutions is one of the most important and followed. Updated monthly, it contains videos that help understand the functionalities, features, and advantages of our generators, professionally explained by Ascot's Technical Director.


Furthermore, the technical videos allow for a precise and concrete understanding of the customization of our energy solutions. They showcase step-by-step tailor-made products designed for special projects and customized to meet specific needs.


Finally, they serve as a useful tool to fully comprehend the features and benefits of Ascot's products and can assist customers in resolving common issues independently.


Among the new technical videos uploaded, we want to dedicate special attention to the videos on emergency mobile AC generators for utility companies. Keep reading to discover more!


Technical videos on Ascot's energy solutions: AC emergency generators for semi-trailers


The latest technical video, chronologically, uploaded to Ascot's YouTube channel is about the 625 kVA AC generator for semi-trailers.



This is a closed AC Diesel generator (625 kVA) - 50/60 Hz, with a noise level of 85 db(a) ± 3 db(a) at 1 m for primary output power.


It features a dual-voltage switch, water-cooled diesel engine, soundproof canopy, and motorized cable reel, with dimensions (L x W x H mm) of 6286 x 2620 x 3935, with trailer, and a dry weight of 13540 kg.


A top-tier product specifically developed for emergency applications destined for utility companies.


Technical videos dedicated to emergency AC generators for trucks


Still within the realm of emergency mobile generators for utility companies, in this new video published on Ascot's YouTube channel, we present the medium-sized AC Generator for trucks.



The medium-sized AC Generator for trucks, with a power of 250-375 kVA and a frequency of 50/60 Hz, is equipped with:


  • Dual-voltage switch
  • Water-cooled diesel engine
  • Control panel with automatic start
  • Voltage switch
  • 500-hour maintenance interval
  • Soundproof and weather-resistant canopy


Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty with 2000 hours of operation.


This is a solution specifically developed for emergency applications and intended for State Electric Companies, to ensure energy continuity even in situations where the availability of electrical power is critical.


Technical video on emergency mobile AC generators for utility companies


The third technical video is, instead, an overview of emergency mobile AC generators for utility companies.



These are energy solutions ready to be moved and used where needed. They are developed for emergency applications and aim to efficiently power:


  • Utilities (factories, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Large mass events and public concerts
  • Civil and Security Departments
  • Retail Sector
  • Public energy distribution


They have a frequency of 50/60 Hz, an integrated fuel tank of 2x1500L, and customized power solutions. Moreover, they are developed with integrated Ascot IoT Suite, a digital hub platform leveraging IoT to ensure cost savings, increased security, operational simplification, and new innovative services.


Delve deeper with our case study on the mobile emergency AC generator for utility companies!


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