The difference between Mobile Network Operator and TowerCos and the best solutions

The difference between Mobile Network Operator and TowerCos and the best solutions


Ascot provides a wide range of power solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of telecommunication applications. We are talking about an ever-evolving industry, with new technologies emerging every day.


In this context, it is important to understand the difference between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Tower Companies (TowerCos), which play different roles within the telecommunications ecosystem.


These are two types of operators that represent interesting opportunities for investors seeking to take advantage of the telecommunications market's growth.


Who are the Mobile Network Operators


Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are companies that provide wireless communication services to their customers at a national or international level.


These companies ensure independent communication services through the construction, ownership, and management of their own telecommunication infrastructure, which includes:


  • transmission towers
  • base stations
  • network equipment
  • antennas


Once the network is built, MNOs sell a wide range of wireless voice and data communication services to millions of users worldwide.


They are also known in the industry as service providers, mobile operators, and mobile network operators.


Who are the TowerCos


TowerCos, on the other hand, are specialized companies that lease, manage, and maintain cellular towers to MNOs.


They do not directly provide telecommunication services to end consumers but are responsible for the construction, acquisition, and leasing of essential infrastructure for wireless signal transmission. They represent an important partner for MNOs, as they offer innovative and cost-effective tower management solutions.


TowerCos enable MNOs to reduce tower construction and maintenance costs since these activities are carried out by the TowerCos themselves. Additionally, telecommunications companies can focus on delivering their services and exploring new technologies without worrying about tower management.


Furthermore, TowerCos can ensure greater efficiency due to their expertise and specialized skills.


The role of TowerCos is expected to further grow in the coming years due to the increasing demand for fast and reliable wireless connections, particularly with the advent of 5G.


Ascot Solutions for HPU and HPS 


Ascot has developed a wide range of power solutions to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry.


Among these solutions, there are two hybrid energy solutions that represent proven leading technology for Mobile Network Operators and Tower Companies:


  1. HPU: It is an all-in-one high-efficiency hybrid generator, particularly useful for Mobile Network Operators operating in off-grid remote/rural areas and bad-grid areas where the grid is available with frequent interruptions.
  2. Hybrid Power System (HPS): It is a scalable green power solution specifically designed for TowerCos.


Features of HPU for Mobile Network Operators


HPU is an all-in-one hybrid generator that allows off-grid and bad-grid sites to achieve certified fuel savings of up to 68% (and up to 100% when combined with solar panels) compared to a traditional generator, with very low operational costs.


Ascot HPU ensures operational functionality in all weather conditions, high efficiency, long lifespan, and significant savings through:


  • variable-speed engine
  • integrated fuel tank
  • long-life deep-cycle batteries
  • PMG technology
  • plug & play capability with renewable energy sources
  • armored devices and anti-theft system
  • 24/7 operation
  • no need for rectifier/inverter
  • sand filters
  • soundproof and waterproof
  • enclosure real-time management system
  • lithium batteries


HPUs are available in models ranging from 10 to 40 kW, ideal for MNOs as they, being tower owners, already know the power load and can optimize consumption using reliable and high-performance Ascot models that are already installed in 60 countries with 15 years of proven global experience.


Features of Hybrid Power System for TowerCos


The Hybrid Power System (HPS) is a solution specifically designed for TowerCos that require modular, scalable, and flexible systems.


It meets the scalability needs of tenants without modifying the main infrastructure. Additionally, it efficiently powers the telecommunication site 24/7 with significant reductions in:


  • fuel consumption
  • maintenance intervals
  • operating hours
  • operational costs


The Ascot Hybrid Power System (HPS) is a complete hybrid power solution consisting of a HPC (Hybrid Power Core) combined with one or more H-Ess (Energy Storage System).


With the built-in 100% Ascot IHM-core (Intelligent Hybrid Module) electronic device in HPC, all components can be easily managed, including any connected renewable energy.


The Hybrid Power System (HPS) also features an integrated IoT system that ensures real-time monitoring of expected performance.


Ascot Hybrid Power System (HPS) represents one of the best hybrid power solutions in the telecommunications industry, providing new value to TowerCos.


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