Women Value Company: awarded the Women of Ascot

Ascot triumphs at Women Value Company 2023: a victory for gender equality


On Wednesday 25 October 2023, at the Gallerie d'Italia in Naples, “Women Value Company” was held, organised by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with Fondazione Marisa Bellisario.


The event welcomed and rewarded the 27 companies in Southern Italy that have effectively adopted inclusion policies aimed at enhancing women's talent and have implemented innovative corporate welfare solutions.


We are very happy and proud to announce that Ascot has been awarded the “Women Value Company 2023” prize for enhancing female talent in SMEs.


What is the Woman Value Company award


“Women Value Company”, now in its 7th edition, is an award dedicated to companies that promote and value gender equality at work. 


Awarded each year with this important recognition are Small and Medium Enterprises, public and private, with predominantly Italian capital, which have also distinguished themselves for the economic results and production performance achieved.


The prize is awarded upon achievement of one of the following conditions:


  • implementation of family/work reconciliation services
  • development of innovative corporate welfare initiatives to promote time management within the company
  • implementation of flexible work organization policies
  • implementation of non-discriminatory merit pay policies
  • plans for the development and enhancement of women's skills and careers
  • actions in favor of a gender diversity culture


“Women Value Company” therefore aims to encourage companies in our country (which has one of the lowest female activity rates in Europe) to commit to and value female empowerment paths with more virtuous and innovative practices aimed at supporting women's work and work-life balance.


The prize, awarded by self-nomination, in this 2023 edition saw the participation of no less than 1,120 companies, an absolute record of the seven editions. Of these, 100 SMEs were selected, distributed equally between Northern, Central and Southern Italy.


The 2 winning companies, one small and one medium-sized, received the special “golden apple”, while the other selected SMEs were awarded the 'Women Value Company 2023 - Intesa Sanpaolo' prize.


Special mentions related to the mission themes of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) were also handed out:


  • Women innovators
  • Women in social work
  • Women abroad


Finally, the Marisa Bellisario Prize, known as the women’s Oscar, which recognises and rewards female talent in every field, in Italy and worldwide, was also presented.


The importance of putting women at the center of corporate growth and development


In Italy, the gender gap between women's and men's work is one of the highest in Europe, with women mostly holding temporary or part-time jobs and not being put in a position to fulfill their potential.


This is a worrying scene that requires attention and concrete efforts to increase the presence of women in companies and to promote career opportunities and professional growth.


Indeed, women represent a fundamental resource for companies.


First of all, they can offer different skills, perspectives and approaches than men, opening up a broader vision with different points of view that foster innovation and creativity.


Moreover, they effectively contribute to a more inclusive, stimulating and forward-looking working environment.


In addition, the inclusion of women in corporate leadership positively influences economic and financial performances.


Focusing on women's empowerment today is an obligation no company can shy away from and requires a concrete commitment to creating opportunities for women and removing all barriers and discrimination that hinder their inclusion.


Companies must therefore start or strengthen their own path in promoting gender equality in order to foster the advancement of women within organizations.


Woman Value Company 2023: Ascot Industrial's women award winners


Ascot received the “Women Value Company 2023” award, which enhances female talent in SMEs.


3 of our women received the award in Naples on 25 October 2023, representing the 3 different generations that coexist at Ascot:


  • Maria Garofalo, Current CEO of Ascot Industrial
  • Rita Greca, CFO
  • Giuliana Greca, HR Manager


This award confirms that our policy of investing in women in the company and their well-being, welfare and gender equality is the right choice towards a fairer future and a healthier working environment.


How Ascot will continue to support gender equality 


For us at Ascot, gender equality at work is a fundamental right to which we devote great attention: at present, the female component in the company is around 35%, with women holding leadership and high positions.  


Our commitment to the promotion of female empowerment is a path that began in the past and continues looking to the future, to totally break down every barrier and create a 100% inclusive work environment that provides equal opportunities through


  • the enhancement of female talent
  • new, more flexible working policies 
  • the elimination of the pay gap
  • projects for professional growth


We believe that changing the cultural background with a long-term vision that promotes female quotas and female participation at the highest levels of company activities is indispensable for a working future of opportunities, development and well-being.

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