Telecom & Data Center

The 1250 kVA Generator is a Tailor Made Solution for Data Center Power Plant application; it is a 65 dba @1m noise emissione level, suitable for insite towns data center.

It is a secure standby power solutions with modular units of 1250 kVA up to 3200 kVA - 50/60 Hz, capable of being connected in parallel, providing proven reliability  to achieve uptime in excess of 99,9%. 

AC Diesel generators are the typical application due to their ability to start quickly, to maintain steady-state output power within relatively tight limits, and to respond to load transients quickly.


• Tailor Made Solution  
• AC Diesel Generator  
• Integrated Synchronising AutoStart Control Panel with motorized Circuit Breaker  
• Sound and weatherproof canopy 65dB(A) ± 3dB @ 1mt with IP44 protection  
• Base mounted 1000L fuel tank for 3,4 hours operation at full load with manual refilling spout  
• Automatic fuel refilling system with manual bypass pump  
• Alternator anti condense heater (mains powered)  
• Alternator windings GREY impregnation for marine environnment  


- DCP Rated Genset - Exclusive Ultra Silent Up To 65 dba @1m

- Compatible With Any Installed Ups - Dual Functionality

- Synchronized and Parallel operating with Grid

- Fuel Water Separator

- Automatic Lube Oil Top Up System

- Web Based Remote Control Management

- Low Or Medium Voltage output


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