Special Energy Projects

900 kW | 2000 A
Input voltage: 3,3 kV - 50 Hz
Output voltage: 220-500 Vdc +/- 10V

The Submarine engine normally recharges its batteries during navigation to be ready to go in silent mode when necessary; the Mobile SUB-Charger 900 has been designed to smoothly recharge the Submarine batteries when the same is at rest and positioned alongside in the port or during maintenance periods; A selector switch permit to easily operate in “Normal/Rapid/Maintenance” mode and to supply constant and regulated DC Voltage to the load.


• Mobile Towed Trailer to easily move from one Location to Another;  
• 4 Hydraulic Stabilized Jack for Manual and Automatic Operating;  
• Medium Voltage or Low Voltage Input depending on the availability of the Power at the Port;  
• The Submarine Battery Charger can be designed to accept any kind of Power Inputs.  

Command and Control Console Operating via a Pair of Standard Telephones/Intercom for Communication Between Charging Van Operator And Submarine. The Telephone/Intercom For Submarine Is Removable Through Exterior Jack And Complete With Cable Of 40 Meter Length;